Meet Sophie

Sophie is a fully qualified Active Birth Yoga teacher and Associate of the Active Birth Centre based in London. She is also a trained Doula with Paramana Doula. Sophie has a long experience of prenatal yoga acquired through years of teaching to mothers-to-be in London and Brussels since 2008.

Sophie believes in the virtues of a gentle and respectful approach to yoga when teaching pregnant women.

In her continuing interest to supporting women to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood as unique paths, she has also qualified in teaching restorative postnatal yoga and acquired certifications with renowned teachers such as Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Judith Lasater. Sophie also trained as a hypnobirthing practionner (Marie Mongan method) and also trained to offer Hypno Yoga for Birth with Janine Hurley (clinical hypnotherapist for the UK National Health Servive and yoga teacher/trainer with Yogacampus) and Lynne Tomlinson (clinical hypnotherapist). to offer the pregnant women and couples she works with powerful tools to guide them through their birthing experience.

Sophie is also a certified Developmental Baby Massage teacher with Peter Walker, and she loves teaching this knowledge on touch and movements to new mums and babies in their developing child/parent relationship.

Sophie is the mother of 2 amazing children and lives and teaches in Brussels.

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« I wish every woman could have an experience of childbirth like mine! I am certain that the yoga exercises were a great support to help me relax and 'let go', to let my body open-up and blossom »