Baby & Me Postnatal Yoga Training Course with Lynn Murphy

Le 7 janvier 2019

I am delighted to confirm that Lynn Murphy will return to Brussels on 16-17 March 2019 to offer a postnatal yoga training course:

Baby & Me

Postnatal Yoga Training Course

A Mother’s Wellbeing with the support of Yoga

With Lynn Murphy, co-director of the Active Birth Centre and Postnatal Expert 

Saturday 16 March & Sunday 17 March 2019

(10h-17h)@Shanti Home, 8 Rue Darwin 1190 Brussels (

Over these two days we will explore how to best support new mothers’ recovery in the early postnatal months, emotionally as well as physically. The headings below are to give you a sense of what we will cover and explore together over the 2 days. & B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

BREATH and it’s importance to our emotional and mental wellbeing. The impact of breath on our hormones – Seated postures. A Good Enough Mother – Changes and challenges for the new mother

REST & RELAXATION – Why it is so important.

Easy pose – power nap and shoulder/upper back release

EXERCISE starting at our core to create good foundations

Pelvic floor exploration in various postures.

ALIGNMENT Abdominal separation – Postnatal postures.

Use of Touch

TAKE TIME TO REST & RECOVER Accepting help when needed

RehabilitationHeal and re-strengthen the whole core. Signs of depletion. Post-traumatic syndrome after a difficult birth, c-birth. Signposting, referrals, network.

HEALTH & HAPPINESS FOR WELLBEING- Creating toolkits for the self-care of new mums

Movement within poses.

EVERYDAY MOVEMENT – Coming back to the body with yoga

Seated postures, floor work, standing postures, movement, restorative postures-

A Less is more approach

Information and Fees: 250for the 2 days (EARLY BIRD 230if payment made before 31 January 2019). Please contact Sophie for sign up and information : , +32(0)499 41 41 91

Who is this training for ?: Yoga teachers looking to enrich and broaden the scope of their work in the postnatal period, as well as other professionals in the perinatal area (midwives, doulas, antenatal teachers, osteopaths, kinés,).

      • Lynn Murphy : Lynn has 30 years of experience in the field of yoga. After the birth of her two children she trained at the world renowned Active Birth Centre, London, specialising primarily in the pre & postnatal period. On completion she was invited to teach at the centre were she continues to this day as Co-Director. She is involved in a number of different trainings for the postnatal period starting with her Baby & Me Nurture days at the Active Birth Centre as well as in conjunction with others.

      • Lynns yoga is Scaravelli inspired, she focuses on the deep intelligence of the body that is within all of us. believing that if we look carefully enough with attentive guidance we will find movement that resonates from our very core allowing us to undo years of held patterns.This approach works wonderfully for the pre & post natal body.

      • She also delivers classes & workshops in her local childrens centre and hospital, for parents as well as midwifes & obstetricians. Her aim is to help in the improvement of services for women, believing strongly that womens health is a political and feminist issue.

      • Lynn has trained, tutored and taught many women over the last two decades, and loves sharing her skills in yoga, touch and mindfulness with others, her aim is to help bring better support to all new mothers and their babies overall wellbeing.

« I loved the atmosphere in your classes, spending some quiet time to bond with my growing baby and getting in tune with the sensations in my body were great preparation for the birth »