Breathing Skills for Labour: New Dates for June 2020

Le 22 mai 2020

Wednesday 3rd June 18h30-20h

Wednesday 17th June 18h30-20h

(the sessions are currently offered in live-streaming via Zoom until further notice)

What you’ll learn :

  • Why it makes sense to use specific breathing patterns as your N°1 pain-management technique for labour and birth (natural /physiological birth, but also induced labour, caesarean birth, epidural and any other medical interventions that might be required during the course of labour).
  • 3 specific breathing techniques proven to help women ride the waves of the progression of labour with more ease, acceptance, and less experienced pain. These proven techniques will help you stay relaxed, focused and (re)energised when needed.

We’ll practice together those evidence-based techniques rooted in ancient yogic traditions, Hypnobirthing and Mindful Birthing (Sophie is a qualified teacher in those areas). You’ll also get a chance to experiment with practicing those breathing techniques in different positions (which you may want to take during labour).

You’ll receive a handout to refer to for your own practice after the class.

Partners are VERY welcome to join ( they’ll be learning useful skills on how to support and guide you with the breath during birth).

This class is best attended from the second trimester of pregnancy and right until the birth.

Fees : 17€

« I used the techniques from your class and without them plus the amazing midwives, kine, doctor and my husband, I never would have done it. »

Aideen and baby Fred