Class Schedule & Sign Up from September 2020

Le 6 juillet 2020

The classes will happily return to the studios in September 🙂 while some sessions will remain available online.

If Covid measures are still in place (and we expect them to be), spaces will have to be limited for the in-person classes. You can book a space according to the schedule below (Please do not book or block book a space unless your plan is to actually attend).
All the details are in the form and in the confirmation you will receive after submitting your form, but of course, feel free to reach Sophie if you have further questions.
To sign up for Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy Classes (and one-to-one birth preparation sessions): 
Thursdays 12h30-13h45 @ Yogaroots (Rue le Titien 46, Bxl 1000-Schuman area) (at the studio and also online)
Saturdays 10h15-11h45@ Shanti Home (Rue Darwin 8, Bxl 1190- Pl Brugmann-Ma Campagne) (at the studio)
– Online via Zoom (pay-as-you-go): Thursdays 12h30-13h45 (class taking place at the studio which you can also attend online)
To sign up for the Baby Massage & Self Care Postnatal Courses: 
Tuesdays 10h30-12h@ Shanti Home (Rue Darwin 8, Bxl 1190- Pl Brugmann-Ma Campagne)
(If you’d like to know more about the Covid measures in place at the studios: )
Any questions, do feel free to contact Sophie!

« I used the techniques from your class and without them plus the amazing midwives, kine, doctor and my husband, I never would have done it. »

Aideen and baby Fred