One-to-One sessions

Birth Preparation Sessions

On request

(In-person & online)

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To gain mental and physical tools to support your pregnancy and empower you into a positive birth experience and transition into motherhood. Sophie’s sessions complement well other antenatal classes you may be attending

More info on Birth Preparation for Couples here. More info on Hypnobirthing Preparation here. More info on Doula guidance sessions here or contact Sophie for more details.

One-to-One sessions

One-to-One Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

On request

(In person & online )


A one-to-one prenatal yoga session provides a time and space just for you. Each session will be designed to meet your specific needs and stage of pregnancy. You can book one class or a package of 3 or 5 classes.


Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy

Gentle Prenatal Yoga with Deep Relaxation


Next course in September/October 2022, please contact Sophie

This class combines a gentle prenatal yoga practice with a longer relaxation integrating hypnobirthing tools and breathing practices to leave a pregnant mother calm, relaxed, replenished and positive as she prepares for birth.


Schuman area- Rue le Titien 46, Brussel 1000


Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth

10h15-11h45 (weekly class)

To attend the class in-person at the studio, sign-up HERE, or please contact Sophie. (classes have stopped for the summer and will resume on 3rd September 2022)

@ Shanti Home
Place Brugmann/Uccle, Rue Darwin 8, Brussel



Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga/Labour Movements with a Ball


In-person and online

Next sessions: Saturday 1st Oct 2022; Saturday 12th Nov 2022; Saturday 17th Dec 2022; Sign up HERE or please contact Sophie 

During this 1h30 session, we explore yoga-inspired movements and positions which help relieve common pregnancy tensions and discomforts, and learn how some of those movements and relaxation positions can help you remain mobile, more comfortable and more relaxed during labour.




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    « I loved the atmosphere in your classes, spending some quiet time to bond with my growing baby and getting in tune with the sensations in my body were great preparation for the birth »