" The one place that offered me the tranquility that my body and soul so yearned for was your yoga class, and for that I say THANK YOU. The yoga classes also gave me an opportunity to connect to my unborn baby. From you, I learned the sensation of total relaxation and it came in very helpful during labor. Your breathing exercise and child pose pulled me through my 3hr intense labour and natural childbirth. "


" Your yoga classes really helped me to get better in touch with my body and influence my decision to have a natural childbirth."


"It was one of the most intense and wonderful exeriences of my whole life, and I wish every woman could have a childbirth like that! I am certain that the yoga exercises were a great support to help me relax and 'let go', to let my body open-up and blossom."

" What an incredible experience! Thank you Sophie for your contribution to getting my body ready for it! I really enjoyed the atmosphere in your classes, spending some quiet time to bond with my growing baby and getting in tune with the sensations in my body was great preparation."






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