Happy Birth Month to me!

Le 9 juillet 2018

Happy Birth Month to Me!

The month of July holds a special space in my heart and soul. It is the month my first child was born….almost 17 years ago now. My first summer with a new baby in my life, with all its joys and challenges…like for many of you as I write. A special time that I like to honour also because it eventually lead me to truly listen to my heart’s calling and make a radical change in my professional life by dedicating myself to share with other women what I had learned first-hand during my pregnancy and birth thanks to my Active Birth Classes: trust in my body’s wisdom through yoga, awareness of movement and breath, and supportive circles of women.

Women often ask me what is behind the « Active Birth » DNA of my classes. I had the privilege to train and teach under the direct guidance of Janet Balaskas, the extraordinary woman who founded the Active Birth Movement in the UK in the 1980’s and this is how she summarizes it : « Active Birth has evolved as our understanding of the intricate process of birth has developed. But three ideas have been present since the beginning: encouraging mothers to use instinctive upright birthing positions; stimulating natural hormonal responses during labour; and empowering women to make their own choices about their births ». If you’d like to know more, I would really encourage you to explore THE bible for Active Birth (New Active Birth)(amazing read), or explore the Active Birth website ( (you can subscribe to Janet’s free Active Birth e-journal and receive useful information from week 13 into your pregnancy). I hope the Active Birth philosophy will resonate with you too, as much as it resonated for me on that sunny and warm 14th of July, 17 years ago…..

Wishing you all a wonderful summer and a happy and empowering Birth Day.

« I used the techniques from your class and without them plus the amazing midwives, kine, doctor and my husband, I never would have done it. »

Aideen and baby Fred