Happy, slow and gentle holidays

Le 23 décembre 2019

Our last class of the calendar year took place on a special last Saturday of the year marked by the winter solstice. An opportunity to slow down as we enter the depth of winter, and what can be a very busy and chaotic time for some. We closed the year with a practice of yoga nidra, a practice I go back to over and over again when I need to deeply rest (that happens often!), nourish, and remind myself that I require nothing fancy to come back to myself and pull out all the inner resources that I may need. A gift from me to you for your health and well being during the holidays and hopefully well beyond that ! Cost free, zero carbon emission involved, no gift wrapping required, just you carving out 30 minutes of your time to rest, deeply rest. (The recording of the practice will land into your email box soon, before I switch off the electronics, breathe, light some candles and enjoy the company of family and friends over the holidays).

I hope you too find many opportunities to love all of the moments ahead, curl up on the sofa, be with people you love being with, and all the other things which allow you to switch to a slower pace and feel you are being kind to yourself.

In case you’ve missed the information, you’ll find the class schedule on the website and also here below.

Wishing you happy, gentle and slow holidays !


(Pre booking essential for all the classes)

Prenatal Classes

Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy Classes:

– Thursday 12h30-13h45 @ Yogaroots. First class on Thursday 9th January 2020

– Saturday 10h30-12h15 @ Shanti Home. First class on Saturday 11th January 2020

Gentle Prenatal Yoga with Hypnobirthing (special 4-weeks course): 

– First 4 weeks course: Monday 27 Jan-Monday 17 Feb, 18h30-20h @ Yogaroots (Rue le Titien 46) (booking essential/ 70€ for the course of 5 sessions) 

Individual sessions (Birth Preparation workshop for couples/prenatal yoga/hypnobirthing):

Contact me to discuss availabilities and tailor a session to your needs

Postnatal Classes 

Baby massage & postnatal self-care for mamas (from 8 weeks after the birth):

Tuesdays 10h-11h30 @ Shanti Home.

– First 5-weeks cycle: 14th Jan-11 Feb 2020

– Next course: 3 March-31st March 2020

« I used the techniques from your class and without them plus the amazing midwives, kine, doctor and my husband, I never would have done it. »

Aideen and baby Fred