Hypno Yoga for Birth (Individual Classes)

What is this about ?

A Hypno Yoga for Birth session integrates hypnotherapeutic techniques and yoga breathing practices to enhance a woman's experience of deep and nourishing relaxation during her pregnancy. This in turn will empower her to creatively access her own inner resources as she prepares for birth.

A pregnant woman/birthing woman is naturally more receptive to hypnosis thanks to the flow of hormones . Hypno Yoga for Birth practices will enhance the natural ability for a labouring woman to create a space of comfort for herself when she needs it most, and take further the benefits of a yoga pratice which is often experienced as naturally « hypnotic ».

In practice :

The session is tailor-made to the pregnant woman's needs and possible issues she wants to address as she prepares for birth.

You will be invited to lay down with props and covers (you could also be sitting) and will be guided into the experience. If need be, the session can start with some slow flowing yoga movements to open the body before resting down.

The sessions are offered as private/individual sessions at Shanti Home (Place Brugmann/Uccle, Yogaroots (Schuman area), or at your home. Contact Sophie for more details and to book a session.


+32 0499/41 41 91  | info@sophieyoga.net