Join us for a Family Baby Massage on Sunday 15th Dec 2019

Le 24 October 2019

Family Baby Massage with Sophie
Sunday 15th December 2019
11h-12h30 at Shanti Home (Rue Darwin 8)
Share the love on Sunday 15th December and join us for this special session of baby massage (and baby yoga).
Bring your baby and your partner (or friend or other family member). 
You’ll be massaging your baby (unclothed massage with oil) 
guide your baby in some gentle baby yoga movements 
and enjoy a special time as a family.
Suitable for babies at least 10 weeks old by 15th December and until (fast) crawling stage.
Fees: 22€/family (1 baby + 2 adults)
Contact Sophie for more information and to register:

« I used the techniques from your class and without them plus the amazing midwives, kine, doctor and my husband, I never would have done it. »

Aideen and baby Fred