La Rentrée! + Going Back to the Source

Le 29 août 2018

Classes are starting again next week (first group class on Thursday 6th September). Check the updated schedule here (slight change of time on Saturdays).

Back from some time off and travels….a renewed opportunity to step back and listen, deeply listen…away from the distractions of everyday life juggling with various teaching and studying activities and the inevitable micro-management of the family.

What I like most about retreating for a few days or weeks from the buzz of life, is the possibility to reconnect to that sense of true-self, to attune to what truly matters, and renew some intentions for the time ahead on what I feel the need to develop more of for myself and others. Getting in touch with the natural beauty of Mother Nature (as pictured here during a walk at the source of the River Urederra in the Pyrenees) is most definitely a quick and delightful way for me to go back to « the Source ».

On that same note, I was watching this morning dear teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli talk about the feminine art of listening, and how the subtlety of some aspects of yoga can be truly transformational in helping to develop that capacity to be in tune with oneself again, with our inner teacher and guidance. Pregnant women are the most obvious embodiments of this Feminine Art of Listening. I witness all the time how naturally hardwired they are to a huge potential to attuning themselves to the physical, emotional, energetic and sometimes even spiritual transformations unfolding within.

With a renewed intention to accompany the best I can such subtle but powerful processes, I very much look forward to being back on the mat and open a new season of yoga next week ! Namaste

« Thanks a lot for all your help and support Sophie! Rocking, rolling, we did during our yoga classes was all I did during birth »

Cristina and baby Mia