Meditation Companions for Pregnancy and Motherhood (the high-tech types!)

Le 10 avril 2018

Meditation can be a precious addition to prenatal yoga, and regularity of practice can be the key to help women go through the rollercoaster of pregnancy and early weeks of mothering. Emotions can run quite high during pregnancy and while adjusting to life with a new baby. There might be some insomnia, anxieties, uncertainties, all associated to the tremendous changes unfolding.

Most women experience the breath and movement awareness practices we use in class as grounding, bringing them back to a place of balance and acceptance. Why not try to take this practice further and develop it at home too ? Without a previous practice, and little time on hand to fit in another class, why not make the most of the technology offered in this field and use a good app to get started and make meditation part of your life?

Here are some of the meditation apps I would recommend looking into . These offer specific programmes for pregnancy and even motherhood but of course, any “general” meditation of mindfulness practices will also offer the same benefits. Some will also offer specific pain-management meditations, which could come handy in preparation for birth. Most will offer a number of free trial sessions before you can decide to sign up:



Stop Breathe and Think

Insight Timer

Any other apps, meditation tracks or videos you like using?

« I laboured at home all of Thursday using a lot of the breathing techniques and positions we were doing in the yoga classes. I found them invaluable! »

Katy and baby Mathilda