One-to-One Birth Preparation for Couples: What and How?

Le 22 May 2020

(currently in live-streaming via Zoom until further notice) (Contact Sophie to arrange an appointment).

This 2h session is for you and your (birth) partner to develop more confidence with your body as you prepare for labour. Think of this session as a “birth rehearsal”. Very practical and hands-on, you’ll learn the physiological and mechanical principles of an Active Birth and what positions, movements, breathing patterns are conducive of a more comfortable experience for both you and your baby as he/she/they travel through the pelvis.

You’ll practice and get confident with the most favourable movements and positions women spontanously take in labour when free to move around. Partners will learn simple comfort measures to support you through the experience, such as massage and entrainement breathing.

If you are already attending Sophie’s prenatal yoga classes, you’ll recognize some of the movements which we’ll go deeper into exploring in the context of birth.

You’ll need a large birth/gym ball.

Best attended in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. This is YOUR session, so the content is adjusted to match YOUR needs (we can focus more on a specific point for example) and the environment you have chosen for your birth.

(An Active Birth is not just about a natural physiological birth. An Active Birth is a birth a woman/couple feels fully part of and takes decision from a positive and fully informed place. This means that this session is also for you if you want to give yourself the option of an epidural for example).

Fees : 65€ (includes handout).

« I loved the atmosphere in your classes, spending some quiet time to bond with my growing baby and getting in tune with the sensations in my body were great preparation for the birth »