One-to-One Hypnobirthing Preparation: What and How?

Le 22 mai 2020

(currently in live-streaming via Zoom  or in person under strict Covid-proof conditions) (Contact Sophie to arrange an appointment).

Maybe you are looking to deepen your relaxation techniques in preparation for birth ? Or have bigger questioning or (conscious or subconscious) anxieties about the forthcoming birth which you feel are an obstacle to enjoying your pregnancy and positively looking forward to your baby’s birth ?

Hypnobirthing techniques can be a useful doorway to access any known or unknown fears or anxieties and help pregnant women reframe their patterns of thinking for the better. A session will bring you into that relaxed but conscious state of awareness where you become responsive to positive suggestions. Think of the last time you went into the « zone » during relaxation after a yoga class, or when you were so deeply absorbed by a book of a film that you lost track of time? This is a self-hypnosis state hypnobirthing re-creates that you can take with you into the birth.

In practice :

The hypnobirthing preparation happens in 3 steps :

1/ I send you a questionnaire which will be the basis of a discussion we will have together to help me (and you) better understand what underlying issues, possible past experiences of pregnancy and birth, inherited patterns of thoughts etc, we need to address and integrate into your hypnobirthing script (for session 3). This is done over email/phone chat/video chat.

2/ We (video) meet for a first session (1h15)(partners VERY welcome) : we will talk about the principles of hypnobirthing for you to gain a clear understanding of how this technique can have a direct positive impact on the physiology of a smoother and more relaxed labour and birth experience. You’ll also learn 2 specific hypno breathing techniques and understand how they can support you in labour and birth.

3/ We (video) meet (just you)(1h approx) for your hypnobirthing script : You’ll take a relaxation position and just listen to my voice (think long relaxation). I will guide you through your own personal script (which I will have written based on our prior discussions and the information you shared with me).

You’ll receive an audio recording of your script, with instructions on how to use it for your own practice at home and other handouts.

I initially trained as a hypnobirthing practitionner with the Marie Mongan method, and added elements of the Natal Hypnotherapy method as well as Hypno Yoga for Birth (UK-based self-hypnosis techniques used in some maternity hospitals). As a yoga teacher, I also teach Yoga Nidra, an ancient form of deep relaxation which can also have a profound impact on our thought patterns. I bring all of those elements into a hypnobirthing preparation.

When to attend :

In the third trimester of pregnancy (best to have completed the course before week 35 of the pregnancy to allow plenty of time for home practice before the birth)


Download the description sheet for the sessions here.

Fees : (2 sessions+preparation of your script+handouts+ audio recordings included). Fees : 145€ if attended online/150€ if attended at Sophie’s Home studio (Schaerbeek)/160€ if Sophie comes to you. (includes handout).

« I wish every woman could have an experience of childbirth like mine! I am certain that the yoga exercises were a great support to help me relax and 'let go', to let my body open-up and blossom »