Postnatal Yoga Classes

Postnatal Self-Care for Mama & Baby Massage

(only offered as a one-to-one class for one baby+mama and/or partner or other adult carer)

This class offers some nurturing space and time for mama to simply slow down and enjoy some bonding time with her baby.

The class combines:

  • The practice of self-care practices such as self-massage, breathing, gentle movements, etc, helping mama regain energy and counterbalance some of the common discomforts from carrying baby, feeding, fatigue, …
  • A Developmental Baby Massage session (you will massage your baby). You’ll be amazed how your loving, caring touch can enhance your baby’s health and development, ease some common issues such as colic, and encourage you both to relax! We’ll also include some fun and simple baby yoga moves


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« Thank you for the great yoga classes that were very useful for coping with contractions, the hypnobirthing that guided me through the last weeks of pregnancy in approaching labour and for all the advice! »