Pregnancy is the perfect time to fall in love with yoga!

Le 16 janvier 2018

“When The Intelligence Of The Body Is Awakened Through The Practice Of Yoga, It Will Guide The Woman Throughout The Pregnancy, Making Her Feel Perhaps More In Touch With Herself Than Ever Before. She Is Then Taken Closer To Her Own Nature And Ready To Flow With The Moment Of Birth When It Begins”– Frederick Leboyer
Over the many years of teaching prenatal yoga to pregnant mothers, I have seen so many of them literally having a revelation after their first class and falling forever in love with the many aspects of this practice. A beautiful process to observe and see unfolding over the weeks of their pregnancy (and well beyond when I am lucky enough to see them again for the postnatal yoga classes).
I so totally relate to this myself! I started practicing yoga in my early 20s, but it was during my first pregnancy that I truly experienced the potential which was opening to me though my prenatal yoga practice. To be totally exact, it is with the Active Birth approach to prenatal yoga that I fell in love with. I realised, during the birth of our first child, how potent my Active Birth yoga for pregnancy classes had been at preparing me for an intense and transformative experience, and offering me the strength and empowerment I needed, both physically and emotionally.
The late Frederik Leboyer puts it beautifully: the most precious gift a woman can receive from yoga during her pregnancy, it to put her in touch with her true self, her inner guides and intuition, away from all the external noises and dos-and-donts and social beliefs on how women are supposed to give birth. In touch with themselves, women experience pregnancy and birth flow more naturally. This gift will last a lifetime….

« I loved the atmosphere in your classes, spending some quiet time to bond with my growing baby and getting in tune with the sensations in my body were great preparation for the birth »