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Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy Class

An Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy Class offers the benefits of yoga in pregnancy with an effective physical and mental preparation for labour and birth….

Many women report that their Active Birth Yoga classes helped them get fully prepared for labour and birth.

Each class includes:

  • use of gravity and the breath in gentle yoga movements
  • the practice of positions for labour and birth
  • breathing practice for labour and birth
  • relaxation and visualisation to help you connect with your growing baby
  • some time for discussion and refreshments

The classes will help you :

  • ease some of the common discomforts of pregnancy and stay healthy throughout your pregnancy
  • make you feel reinvigorated with a sense of inner well-being
  • gain confidence in your body and your inner ability to give birth to your baby
  • prepare physically for childbirth
  • meet other mothers

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Gentle Prenatal Yoga with Hypnobirthing

Our regular Gentle Prenatal Yoga with Hypnobirthing courses, combine the benefits of yoga with that of self-hypnosis (think “deep relaxation” or yoga nidra). The classes will help pregnant women develop a sense of positivity and calm all the way through their pregnancy and, even more importantly during labour, break the fear/pain vicious circle for a more comfortable and positive birth. The transformative effects of hypnobirthing can be truly powerful for some and for most, extremely relaxing and enjoyable!

In practice :

In Practice: We start each class with some extra gentle yoga adapted to pregnancy to free the body of physical tensions, and end with a longer relaxation (lying down) during which you will be guided through a hypnobirthing script. Ideal for the 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

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Birth Preparation Workshop for Couples

This workshop (3 hours) is designed to help women and their partners understand how the birthing mother’s body works in labour and how partners can be closely involved and become an essential source of physical and emotional support. Couples acquire enough tools to ensure they approach the birth of their baby(ies) in a confident and positive way.

We do lots of practical work, exploring and practicing the most favorable positions, movements and breathing patterns inspired by yoga and instinctively used by many birthing women. These will encourage an effective progression of labour and a more comfortable and empowering birthing experience. Partners learn how to provide physical support to ensure the mother is comfortable, and acquire many other tools to guide the mother and respond to her needs in labour.

The workshop is best attended in the last trimester of pregnancy.

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« I wish every woman could have an experience of childbirth like mine! I am certain that the yoga exercises were a great support to help me relax and 'let go', to let my body open-up and blossom »