September News

Le 29 août 2019

I come back to Brussels after some holidays recharged with an authentic experience of connection with the wilderness and immensity of nature, a time filled with long walks, placing feet and hands on rocks and landscapes embodying thousands of years of transformation, a 15th of August full moon over the stillness of a lake, heavy rainfalls alternating with glorious sun shining over lush and generous orchards. A very inspiring and humbling sensation which provided not only rest and change of scenery, but also the opportunity to renew intentions and revive some of the thoughts, ideas and projects which don’t always get a change to come to life when caught up in the everyday routine.

I am so grateful to have had that head and heart space to allow for those ideas to blossom in their own time, and so here are some of the (positive!) changes which will be introduced into the courses from September :

  • A monthly Yoga Nidra session for pregnancy on the last Saturday of every month at the end of the prenatal yoga class (first one on Saturday 28th September). I have over the years gradually made more space in my courses (and personal life) for deep rest and relaxation in the belief that most of us (including me!) crave more opportunities of a profound physiological rest. Pregnancy is one of the times in a woman’s life when yoga nidra can be of true benefits to reset and allow for the wonderful hormones of relaxation to flow better and stronger as she prepares for birth, develop more clarity of mind and experience her pregnancy more positively.
  • In that same spirit, I will continue to make more audio recordings of relaxation, yoga nidra, breathing and meditation available to you (I will let you know when new recordings have been uploaded).
  • Birth stories : It is always an exciting moment for me when a « baby news » message or email lands into my inbox. Hearing from you after the birth of your baby(ies) is truly special. The feeling of anticipation can be quite high in the class too when I start reading the birth story that a woman wants to share with the group she is part of. A moment of sharing when I feel the very tangible bond of connection between women.To keep enlarging the embrace of the circle and strengthen this link of support between you all, I will make your birth stories available through our private Facebook group (for those who want to of course).

I look forward to that moment of stepping through the doorstep of Yogaroots and Shanti Home, the two lovely yoga studios hosting our group classes, unrolling the mats and welcoming you back into yoga .


« I wish every woman could have an experience of childbirth like mine! I am certain that the yoga exercises were a great support to help me relax and 'let go', to let my body open-up and blossom »