Shining Your Inner Light

Le 21 décembre 2018

In the midst of what can be a busy time closing a year behind us, finishing projects and preparing the next ones, some of you expecting a baby and/or or looking after a family, can you feel a true calling to slow down? To let go of the Superwoman archetype that our modern societies often impose on us and depletes us? Can you hear that little voice within inviting us to retreat, to enjoy the softness of the dark and cold days calling for more interiority, kindness, thankfulness, away from the disturbances of the outside personality. That craving to nestle against the warm belly of Mother Earth to get closer to the source of nourishment and support.
Those darker days can be truly special in helping us (re)connect to our own inner light, a light which has a regenerative potential, a light which helps us transform what we wish to transform, guides and purifies.
We need to hold space for ourselves to be able to answer our true needs. If the days ahead promise to be busy, why not set aside a few moment everyday to simply be, without further agenda. Be in silence looking through the window while sipping a cup of tea, gaze at your sleeping baby and watch them calmly breathe, take a walk in nature with your 5 senses and soak up the sensations of everything around you? Listening to a piece of music or reading a poem that makes your heart sing? Identifying  a ritual which brings us back to ourselves can truly help us staying closer to that little light that is always shining within us.
In the spirit of the Winter Solstice, as the Earth becomes quiet and nature withdraws, wishing you all to enjoy a wonderful time with loved ones during the holidays, but also with and within yourself in the warmth of your own inner light.

« Thanks for a wonderful series of Tuesday mornings as winter started to set in. So nice to be together and come out feeling restored and topped up with baby love. »

Alexandra and baby Tristan