Welcome back!

Le 26 août 2020

It’s Septembre (almost!) and delighted to confirm that we’ll be back at the (fully Covid-proofed!) studios from Thursday the 3rd (Yogaroots) and Saturday 5th (Shanti Home) (while one class can also be followed online).

It’s been a good few months since I have stepped into those 2 very special studios where so many hours of yoga, meditation, relaxation, chanting, personal transformation and healing take place . I am very excited to come back and be able to share in person again what the immense wisdom of yoga has to offer to pregnancy, birth and the transition into parenthood.

In between cherished time with family, summer walks and rest, I managed to complete a couple of fascinating training courses with the amazing Suzanne Yates, on how to support mothers and couples through birth from a holistic perspective, and on infant massage and shiatsu to help parents develop more confidence in their baby’s development. I can’t wait to add those elements to the group and one-to-one sessions!

If you’d like to know all about the class schedule from early September and how to sign up, click HERE



« Thanks a lot for all your help and support Sophie! Rocking, rolling, we did during our yoga classes was all I did during birth »

Cristina and baby Mia